Iowa College Goal Sunday

With rising tuition costs, paying for college has become one of the largest hurdles to attending college. Luckily, we're here to help!

Iowa College Goal Sunday creates a pathway for students to apply for financial aid and create a plan for financing their education. The program brings together state leaders, financial aid professionals, community leaders, nonprofit organizers and high school communities to help more students work towards their dream of a college degree.

Planning for the 2014-2015 events is currently underway. Come back often to learn about upcoming events.

2014 Events

In February and March 2014, more than than 50 events were held across the state of Iowa, helping complete more nearly 700 FAFSA forms as part of Iowa College Goal Sunday.

This statewide event was supported by Governor Branstad with a proclamation denoting March 2014 as College Goal Sunday month!













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